We are an association of people taking a stand against the unfair FIAT monetary system and oppressive claims made against our energy and property by successfully challenging debt slavery and protecting our assets.  

Our Membership

Our members are people who are aware of the unfair nature of the existing system, imposed upon us without our knowledge or consent over the years.  

Together we aim to reclaim our unalienable rights and freedoms in order to build a flourishing future for generations to come.  

Through our mastery of some of the ancient systems, put in place by our predecessors, such as trusts, we provide education with opportunities to protect our members’ assets and properties.  

We make use of equity, being at the heart of everything we do, to develop an educated society, capable of taking care of its own affairs.    

Our perks offer solutions to facilitate the knowledge in matters of privacy, law and finance while making use of statutory law to challenge matters we come across today.  

Our Association

Just Solutions PMA  offers a free membership that will give you access to the private platform and the association’s partner services as and when required.

Our Association is founded by a team offering their equitable time and efforts to support other men and women to build a flourishing future in the private realm.

As a Private Members’ Association, otherwise known as a PMA, we are similar to a club, society or charity operating in the private realm for the benefit of each of our members.

Our Association is an unincorporated association administered by elected trustees and Executive Committee Members.

Funds raised through members’ donations play a vital role in the growth and strength of our PMA.

Our Vision

We strive to enforce our rights and freedoms while addressing the inequalities we face in the current system and challenging fraudulent and unfair practices, imposed upon us without our knowledge, nor consent.

These are just some of the ways we can help you to financial freedom!

Tax Specialist

Speak to a Tax Specialist that will help you REMOVE the requirement for you to pay any/all of your Personal AND Commercial tax bills. All advice provided under their £10Million Professional Indemnity Insurance!

Mortgage Release

Challenge your existing/previous mortgage(s) and claim back every penny you've ever paid to your mortgage provider!

Credit Set-Off

Use our services to Settle all of your Credit Cards/Personal Loans and other unsecured loans/debts at a fraction of the cost!

Payment Recovery

Reclaim every payment you have made from your personal bank account and any credit cards you have been using!

You are invited!

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